Video Poker & FairGo

Discover everything there is to know about online video poker at FairGo, the premier Australian casino. We strongly suggest exploring these games, along with a wide array of equally good games.

Video Poker: The Best Game on Fair Go Casino

Video poker stands out as one of the top game categories on the Fair Go Casino website. With a wide selection of options, players can choose the game mode that suits them best and enjoy high-quality gameplay. Among these, bonus games are particularly popular, offering crazy bonuses alongside the main bets. Notably, bonus poker, jackpot poker, and double jackpot poker reign as kings in this category, capturing the hearts of Fair Go Casino players. These games are truly unique to Fair Go, with no equivalents in the site's library or elsewhere. We highly recommend trying these games along with other equally captivating options available on the site.

Unique Features of Video Poker Games

Video poker games on Fair Go Casino distinguish themselves with exciting and realistic graphics. Every detail is meticulously designed to keep players fully engaged in the gameplay and excitement, rather than unnecessary visuals or animations. This emphasis on concentration enables players to strategize and make informed decisions about their gameplay. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and intuitive placement of buttons allow quick decision-making, granting players unhindered access to the game's possibilities and maximizing their enjoyment.

The following components set video poker apart from other games, making it a truly unique experience:

  • Minimalist yet high-quality visual design
  • Convenient placement of clickable buttons
  • Possibility of additional winnings
  • Fairness in every bet, regardless of player status

Fair Go's video poker games epitomize the qualities of a high-quality online gaming experience. Developed by experienced professionals, they offer a combination of skill, entertainment, and visual appeal.

Bonus Poker Games at Fair Go Casino

In addition to classic game modes, Fair Go Casino offers bonus games that provide more generous payouts for additional bets. These fast-paced games allow players to enjoy quick gameplay while experiencing the same excitement and payouts as classic poker. By holding the cards dealt by the dealer, players aim to create winning combinations and collect their earnings. With straightforward rules and your attentiveness, you can enhance the enjoyment of the game.

In addition to the regular bonus mode, there is also a deluxe bonus mode with slightly different visuals and a smaller number of winning combinations. However, the winnings are greater for each combination, justifying the "deluxe" label.

Double Jackpot Poker: Double the Wins

Double Jackpot Poker on Fair Go Casino will captivate players with its potential for big wins. Each winning combination doubles your winnings, allowing you to potentially earn twice as much in the same timeframe as other games. This option is particularly enticing for those who enjoy substantial wins and prefer a fast-paced gameplay experience. Additionally, the double double poker variant is recommended, as it multiplies your bet even further, providing the opportunity to multiply your money with each wager.

American Fair Go Poker: Simple and Lucrative

American Fair Go poker combines a minimalist and straightforward design with high-quality graphics and gameplay principles. Notably, the combination of flush and flush royal rewards players most generously. As you engage in the game, aim to collect cards of the same suit and seize the opportunity to unlock the jackpot.

Loose Deuces: An Incredibly Generous Game

Loose Deuces is a game that offers exceptionally generous payouts. Upon entering the game, you'll immediately notice the potential for significant winnings, with a maximum multiplier of 500x for a winning combination of four identical cards. If you're ready to potentially strike it rich, this game awaits you on the Fair Go website.

Experience the Thrill of Video Poker on Fair Go Casino

While many games can become repetitive over time, video poker on Fair Go Casino remains a classic and timeless choice for players. The excitement of card games is perfectly captured in the poker offerings, catering to players of all ages. These games provide unparalleled card combinations that enrich both the gaming experience and your wallet. Choose video poker games on the Fair Go website and indulge in the pleasure of the game while enjoying the thrill of winning.