Dice & FairGo

Sadly, FairGo does not offer craps as it lacks popularity among Australian players, resulting in its absence from the platform.

Craps: A Game Uncommon on Fair Go Website

Craps, known for its convenient and thrilling gameplay of rolling dice, is beloved by players worldwide. However, it lacks popularity in Australia, including on the Fair Go website. Consequently, the developers anticipated lower demand for craps compared to well-known classics like blackjack, slots, and roulette. Focusing on more profitable games, the developers made the strategic decision to omit craps from the website's offerings.

Why is Craps Absent on Fair Go Casino Website?

During the creation of the Fair Go website, the developers considered user preferences for games. Through collective deliberation, they decided not to include craps in the collection, at least for the time being. Building a high-quality, secure, and fair game requires time. As the site already offers a sufficient selection of games, rivaling even larger online casinos, the creation of craps was postponed. While this decision may change in the future, the current emphasis remains on pokies, roulette, blackjack, and numerous other online games that offer significant opportunities for wealth accumulation. Regardless of your chosen game category, Fair Go ensures an impressive online casino experience.

Alternatives to Fair Go Craps

While craps may not be available to Fair Go players presently, there are plenty of other popular games to explore in Australia, such as:

  1. Roulette: A classic European gambling game with appealing visuals and straightforward rules.
  2. Blackjack: A universally adored game renowned for its excitement and generous winnings.
  3. Poker: A highly rewarding game, replete with bonuses and captivating gameplay experiences.
  4. Slots: A diverse and beloved collection of games that captivate players with the potential for substantial and rapid winnings.

Playing Craps Online on Fair Go: What to Do?

If you are eager to play craps, exercise patience and wait for its arrival on the Fair Go Casino website or try craps on other Australian casinos. The developers are currently working on introducing the game, so an update can be expected in the near future, satisfying your desire to enjoy craps to the fullest extent.